Workshop rooms

Workshop rooms

Workshop rooms

Workshop rooms

Two beautiful, large, bright rooms for various purposes for rent.

De Kastanje The Chestnut (Kastanje) is a forty-three square meter workshop space with a view of the garden on three sides. Its raised wooden ceiling creates a warm homely atmosphere.

De Berk The Birch (Berk) is a bright sunny workshop space of thirty-five square meters with a beautiful frontal view of the garden and the trees behind it.

De huiskamer/eetzaal is for overnight guests, but can also be rented out as workshop space when it is free. 

We rent these spaces completely empty or including: tables, carpet, chairs, sofa, yoga mats, mattresses, meditation cushions, a beamer, flip chart, good music installation with blue tooth, according to your wishes.

Kitchen professionally furnished with all the trimmings to cook for up to 30 people (contact us and we will send you a video and info)

Other, see video and photos below


In the workshop rooms our general rental conditions are applicable.

Connecting hall between Berk and Rode Beuk

Kastanje (Chestnut)

Dining room / living room
Berk (Birch)