Who are we

Who are we

Who are we

Our Mission

Every person is unique and every person has their own unique Well Being Formula hidden within themselves. 
We are a place for personal transformation, where your development towards becoming whole is facilitated at all levels through interaction with all who work here, and the dedication of our professionals.

Our Vision

The Well Being Center focuses on the wholeness of Man, through increasing body awareness, emotional awareness and self-awareness. 

Our starting point is to collaborate with regular healthcare within a mutual reinforcement plan. The basis of this plan is Holistic, since feeling well and Wellbeing often go hand in hand.

Who are we

We are like-minded people with a great initiative who have found each other in a common goal, realizing this Well Being Center.

Our team now consists of 11 people along with a number of permanent volunteers. We are shaping Ohana together with our affiliated therapists, practitioners and workshop providers.

Who are we

We are like-minded people with a great initiative who have found each other in a common goal, realizing this Well Being Center.

Our team now consists of 11 people along with a number of permanent volunteers. We are shaping Ohana together with our affiliated therapists, practitioners and workshop providers.

Annette de Jong

Annette de Jong is the initiator and co-owner. She is an energetic therapist, Life coach and workshop facilitator.

Annette is a clairvoyant and has had a career as a nurse and hospital manager. Alongside her career she has broadened her wisdom and knowledge through a deepening education in Psychology, natural health care, energetic healing and life coaching. She uses her intuition, business acumen and organizational talent to make Ohana a healthy organization.

In her life, Annette has actively explored the deeper reasons for existence, and the key to well-being. She does not adhere to any particular doctrine, cult or belief.
She considers it a basic right that all have access to a diversity of health guidance and freedom of choice on their wellbeing journey. Annette has an adult daughter Eva, who is still studying, who has made a great contribution to building Ohana.

Annette de Jong

Annette de Jong is the initiator and co-owner. She is an energetic therapist, Life coach and workshop facilitator.

Annette is helder waarnemend en een heeft een loopbaan als verpleegkundige en verpleegkundig manager afgewisseld met verdieping in Psychologie, natuurgeneeskunde, energetische healing en life coaching. Ze gebruikt haar intuïtie, zakelijk inzicht en organisatie talent om Ohana een gezonde organisatie te kunnen laten zijn.

Annette is in haar leven actief op onderzoek uitgegaan naar de diepere redenen van het bestaan, en naar de sleutel van Well Being. Ze hangt niet een bepaalde leer, cult of overtuiging aan, maar is open minded en open voelend.
Ze vindt het recht op gevarieerde gezondheidsbegeleiding en keuzevrijheid voor een ieder een basisrecht. Voor haar is the Well Being of All essentieel. Annette heeft een volwassen, nog studerende dochter Eva die een mooie bijdrage heeft geleverd aan de opbouw van Ohana.

Merijn Oudheusden

Merijn Oudheusden is an initiator and co-owner of the Center. He is a Psychologist, energetic therapist, dance therapist and workshop organizer.

He was trained as a clinical psychologist at the University of Utrecht. He has worked for twenty years at the crossroads of Body, Mind & Soul integration. In his work as a dance facilitator he has been able to explore the holistic aspect of Humanity. He has observed the positive effects that the practice of Dance has on the general wellbeing of participants in his groups. As director of the Biodanza Teacher Training Course in Utrecht, he has mostly been a process supervisor for people on their path to themselves. Thus, a process coach of participants on a new path of self-development, of letting go of old ideas and patterns and rediscovering inner strength and a new lifestyle.

Merijn is the devoted and caring father of his two children, whom he is raising together with his ex-partner. He is also organizer of Ecstatic Dance Zutphen and a Biodanza facilitator.

Aline Ham

Aline is an energetic therapist, mindfulness coach, balance therapist, psychosomatic Occupational therapist, teacher / trainer at IPT (Psychosomatic Therapy Training) and workshop facilitator.

Aline has been working in rehabilitation centers as a psychosomatic and body conscious occupational therapist since 1995. She specializes in chronic pain, whiplash, oncology, unexplained complaints, burnout and high sensitivity. Lately she has been working with ex-Corona clients. Her drive to let people experience the best possible quality of life, led her to look for other therapeutic options. Thus, she now works in complementary and energetic medicine. She is qualified in this area having followed various courses and seminars such as the courses for yoga teacher, mindfulness therapy, energetic therapy and balance therapy. Her unique form of therapy focuses on increasing body awareness, emotional awareness and self-awareness so you can start your life again in balance. In addition, she combines all the acquired knowledge and shares this with paramedics in the form of a training that allows them to become psychosomatic therapists.

This training and knowledge fueled her desire to work where multiple disciplines are incorporated in an holistic vision. Where general, complementary and energetic techniques can be utilised in an interdisciplinary way around the clients’ needs. Aline believes that empowering the client in discovering his / her own self-healing capacity is paramount as a basis for working towards a state of Wellbeing and achieving a better quality of life.

Aline is married to Stefan and has two young adult children Martijn and Anne-Roos who are both studying. She owns the company “Hartlicht’.

Jeroen Jacobs

Jeroen Jacobs is one of the permanent employees of the Ohana Well Being Center team.

From the beginning Jeroen has been actively contributing to making Ohana a special place. His meticulous, committed input has been substantial in ensuring that the building has a beautiful appearance.

With his helpful and open attitude, he hopes to be able to warmly welcome clients and familiarize them with the Center. He likes to facilitate an optimal stay with a calm & supportive energy.

His support is versatile in both practical and organizational areas.

He also likes to lend a listening ear. He finds fulfillment in paying attention to all aspects that matter to the individual, to nourish and stimulate them in their personal growth and mental health.

Jeroen has experience in many diverse areas of work, in which service, hospitality and connecting people are the main themes.

He has gained most of his life experience through his travels, living in different countries, investing in personal spiritual development and connecting with nature.

Jeroen is currently training to facilitate and lead sweat lodge ceremonies. 

Some of his favourite pastimes are awareness-raising men's work, Biodanza and Ecstatic Dance. 

Jeroen is a lovingly devoted father of a daughter of four, whom he is co-parenting, and of a beautiful baby boy born in January this year.

Jeroen Jacobs - Ohana Well Being-2

Bastiaan Serlé

Who are you?

Note: You are really motivated for change!

To stop going around in circles. To change. To get out of the discouraging familiar pitfalls and never get in again. To finally make real progress, away from the patterns, pain, stress, conflict and sinkholes.


  1. Do you want to change?
  2. Do you want to choose and take responsibility yourself?
    Is your answer to these last 2 questions a “YES”? Then, welcome.  Dan ben je welkom.

The sessions focus on you. If there is a match, it guarantees the successful achievement of your goals, because this is tailor made for you in order to bring out your passion and pleasure. 

I work with men (and some women) who:

  • Are experiencing stress at work or at home
  • Suffer from feelings of lethargy and aimlessness
  • Want to work on flourishing relationships and a flourishing sex life.

What are you going to do?
You will work from a proven, effective, client based integrative therapy that will support your goals.

You will do (amongst other things):

  • Inner child work
  • Emotional work
  • Bodywork
  • Table constellations
  • The healing dialogue
  • Imagination:
    • Working with waking / dream world
    • Body scan
    • Confrontation tour
  • Working with sharing - Inner conflict
  • Meditative Trance and Mindfulness
  • Pain threshold / pain processing and liberation

In short courses of 7-13 sessions you will work practically and purposefully to effect change. The focus will be on the things that you want to do differently in your external world, and that you want to feel differently about in your inner world. It's about you. You will find solutions that suit your life which, upon implementing, you will immediately notice results.

Who am I?

I am Bastiaan Serlé. Since 1995 I have been actively studying how the human apparatus - the mind, soul, heart and body - works. I needed to address that to find solutions for getting out of my personal hopeless circles, pain, stress and fears. Since 2006 I have been professionally engaged in training, coaching and counseling.

I have been facilitating training for men for years and I coach men 1 on 1.

Men sometimes have the same challenges, but often also specifically different challenges, to women. Thus these unique challenges require a more specific approach.

I have intentionally immersed myself in this study of man and his specific challenges, biology and opportunities. Over the past 20 years, I have followed various education and training courses on therapy, awareness and personal leadership.

On to a meaningful life full of fun!