Lilian Hendriks

Lilian Hendriks

As a young child I was interested in existential life questions and philosophy. How to be aware was my great life question. The common thread through my life is knowledge of consciousness and the physical body. In addition to my regular education (Higher Vocational Education Nursing and Physiotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology), I have always followed training in Eastern traditions. During my life I have had consciousness-expanding experiences that immediately caused changes in the physical body. An integration took place. Unity consciousness is increasingly my way of being. In this time of integration, people can sometimes go through periods where physical complaints and feelings of separation and fear are clearly palpable. I would like to contribute to an awareness of yourself. I have the ability to be lovingly attentive. I can tune in, mirror, listen to you in the meeting. This new way of being comes to life in our body. An ever-changing way of being, which enables you as a human being to tap into your true potential as a human being in your strength and love and in possession of your free will.

Therapy forms

Being-oriented therapy, coaching and bodywork.
How you are, what you need how to find peace and fulfillment within yourself. Your relationship, sexuality, parenting, work and spirituality. You investigate as a neutral-feeling observer discovers where you limit yourself.

This process creates more substantial space to be present. There where you can be felt as light and love. How you are, what you need, how to find peace and fulfillment in yourself, relationship, work and the life you lead.

Layer by layer you examine your feelings, your body experience and thought patterns.
You learn to deal with possible emotions, difficult situations or a busy critical head. Hidden beneath these layers lies your essence. There where light, love and silence become palpable. Where you are whole

Transpersonal Counseling 100 euros per hour incl. VAT

Craniosacral therapy 100 euros per hour incl. VAT

Massage & Essential Healing 75 euros per hour incl. VAT

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