Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

"Cooking is an act of love"

The diversity and tastiness of vegetarian cuisine is proven daily by our chefs who are all well experienced in preparing natural food.

In addition to "Traditional Dutch” food, we prepare dishes from all over the world. We eat with the seasons and strive for a good and healthy balance in taste, digestibility and nutritional value.

Organic and vegetarian
We prepare our meals with as much fresh organic products as possible. Our intention is to mostly eat foods that are grown in this region. This produce that is grown with respect for people, animals, soil and the environment, is best for us. When the vegetables come straight from the land, grown in this way - you can taste it and your body certainly benefits from them!

We consciously choose to offer a vegetarian (vegan on request) menu. The vegetarian option is usually healthier, more animal-friendly and less harmful to the environment and our planets’ climate.

For more information or special requests, mail to info@ohanawellbeing.nl

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