Holistic treatments

Holistic treatments

Holistic treatments

Well Being Conversations

We have chosen the term Well Being Conversations because the therapists who conduct these conversations have a wide range of skills. We feel that his term conveys the diverse nature of these sessions.
A request for such a conversation may arise spontaneously during your stay at Ohana. You can also book a Well Being Conversation directly via this website. On the basis of a Well Being Conversation, a treatment line can also be followed in combination with other forms of therapy that we offer.
A Conversation with you, held in all peace and presence by one of our therapists, to take a look together at what is moving in you in this moment. If desired, the therapist can provide insight into processes that are taking place within you.
A Conversation while walking in nature on the grounds of the estate. A moment to unload, rearrange things and receive a deeper insight into your personal motives and the signals from life that are now coming your way. 
Investigating together which stories leave you without power and how you empower yourself. Laughing together and connecting with life. 
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Massage Well Being Center

Well Being Massage

Take care of your body with a soothing massage from one of our available massage therapists. Feed your body with a touch that is tuned in to what is needed. In an introductory conversation we will discuss together what you and your body need and choose the massage form that suits you. 

Well Being Healing

A Well Being Healing session is aimed at reducing or resolving physical pain and/or emotional discomfort.

It’s also possible to bring forward a wish or desire that is not fulfilled because of inner and or external blockages.

The therapists are guided by their intuition through to which form the Healing may take place.

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The conversations, massage and healing are there to guide personal development. Or in guidance for various physical complaints.

When applicable we work with additional methods. We like to work together with the regular healthcare system as seen from a holistic perspective.

If you have a preference for a specific practitioner, with regard to Well Being conversations or Well Being Healing, this can be arranged. Onder het kopje wie zijn wij zijn de bij ons aangesloten therapeuten vermeld.