Alex Kiss

Alex Kiss | De Luisterij

My name is Alex Kiss and the Listening is my practice for psychotherapeutic guidance. I help people who ask for help for the first time, but also people who have been working on their healing process for much longer. I use Compassionate Inquiry (CI), a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Gabor Maté, under whose supervision I was trained.

The thing you most want to get rid of, that which weighs you down the most, often stays with you more stubbornly when you hide it, avoid it, deny it or condemn it. It hardens or entrenches when it is not given the attention on which healing depends. CI is characterized as a soft, but at the same time very direct approach, in which careful attention is paid to matters that you have often carried with you for years, whether you are aware of it or not.

I sometimes describe what I do as 'therapy prevention'. The intention is that my guidance has a therapeutic effect. At the same time, my work is based on my rock-solid faith in everyone's own self-healing capacity. The Listening is there to give that ability the space to get back on track. Sometimes that doesn't work, and then I refer to specialist or additional care. But in most cases my temporary involvement is enough to release something in you that you can continue with.

Uitgangspunt van mijn begeleiding is dat er ook nu iets in je leeft, dat je van nature op heelheid oriënteert. Iets dat stellig weerstand biedt tegen het idee dat je gedoemd bent om als iets onafs of gebrokens je dagen te slijten. Als je tijdelijk wat hulp kunt gebruiken om die heelheid aan te spreken, laat dan vooral iets van je horen., 06-234 83 173,