The most beautiful thing you can become is Yourself

Ohana Well Being Center
For holistic health guidance and
(personal) Retreats

Research shows that 70 percent of people who have a disease or condition seek additional holistic care and guidance in addition to their regular treatment. There are increasing trends for people to: connect with nature, have a quiet place to be, receive personal attention and in general, create the space in their lives to "go inside". 

Here, with us, you can receive a holistic treatment and/or follow a personally designed and guided program and/or attend workshops. You can book into one of the attractive guest rooms in this beautiful place. While you stay here we can co-create a personal program for you, making use of all the beautiful facilities this special power place has to offer.

The common goal, for all who work here, and the professionals affiliated with us, is to stimulate our innate self-healing capacity in a natural way. 

We also have beautiful rooms that are perfect as workshop spaces, for individual or group activities, and for therapies and treatments.

In compliance with the Covid-19 measures we have adapted our program for groups.

Steun de vervolmaking: Ohana, heaven on earth

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