Ohana Well Being Center

Ohana Well Being Center

Wild Roots retreat

5 juni 2023 11 juni 2023

A rare opportunity to explore and learn with Amit Carmeli, a whole week retreat, in the Netherlands. From 5-11 june read more ….
“And in that moment
In the light of a new dawn
Old shields will shutter in dust
Chronic shapes will melt in one
Storms will return their silence
And nothing will be left
But our ancient beat
Naked voice
Yearning for love
And in that moment
Always for a moment”
Our voice is an ever changing reflection of our freedom, the olive trees in our garden, which can only feed on our very own soil. And as such, freeing our voice, shall free our suppressed dreams, laughters and tears. Our forgotten child. Our lost artist. Our musicality.
We are the FIRE KEEPERS of our Kingdom. And as such, voicing ourselves, is an act of responsibility, to transform, from within, all that is holding on, and ever-repeating. And when no more is to be held, when we learn to fall at each and every step, and be carried again and again, true forgiveness can emerge. LIFE can begin.
Voicing ourselves, as an act of LOVE, to all our parts that are awaiting to be heard.
Voicing ourselves, as an act of GENEROSITY. As givers. It is our precious gift that is Received with every inhale, and shall be Given with every outbreath. A cycle of LOVE. Always a cycle.
Aligning our voice with our natural musicality, with our momentary rhythm, as a hollow flute through which to birth our long-awaited genesis. Unifying our voice with our natural breath, as an act of CREATION, as true lovers.
We sing to cultivate TRUST. We soften, we fall, we silence, we listen, to signal trust.
Trust, as a fire pillar, that burns through all transient fogs.
Trust, as the engine of life. The same compass that moves the hatchlings, toward the wide open ocean.
Trust as the ancient wisdom that sings through us.
Trust in our TRUE NATURE.
We give our song, in humility, to the one which is breathing us. To the melodies that are born every single moment. To LIFE ITSELF.
We give our voice, in prayer for love. We give our voice, without knowing its path.
We set the compass, and were shown the route.
MUSIC is born, when we step out of the way
The Wild Roots Journey is an invitation for PURE LOVE. And our raw, naked voice will be our portal, the gate through which we walk together, as a living tribe, for seven days.
In a temporary temple we will create together, through our breath and voice, we will explore our creative nature, and our inherent musicality.
It is a work of presence, and so no musical background is needed. Anyone with the intention to meet their true nature is welcome.
The voice we will unravel is a deep, ancient one. Not a one that fits into any musical or vocal practices. It is the wide ocean, neither one of its waves.
And the tribe, an intimate group of brothers and sisters, will be our safe anchor to set ourselves FREE.
Amit Carmeli will be leading our Journey together.
Amit is an internationally acclaimed Voice & Breathwork teacher and Sound Healing Master.
He is a Musician, Vocal Master and Sound Therapist.
Amit has shared the Wild Root Vocal Journeys all over the world for the past 22 years.
Beyond titles, Amit is a brave soul who dedicates his life, to deepen his relation with Nature, and share it, in humbleness, with whoever is inspired to learn to do so.
Amit is devoted to sharing the medicine he has found in using our body and voice, as our musical instruments, surrendering to our Wild Root, in service of the Greater.
Amit is a man of Heart, and great Wisdom, sharing Love from within his deepest roots.


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